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Step 2: Forms

Signing the following forms will allow CancerCARE to offer support and guidance throughout your treatment process. The Participation Agreement states you will communicate with CancerCARE about your diagnosis and treatment plan, and will work with CancerCARE to understand your care options. The Member Rights & Responsibilities explains your role in participating in CancerCARE. The Notice of Privacy Practices informs you of CancerCARE’s policies in handling your Protected Heath Information (PHI).The PHI Release Form will allow CancerCARE to receive and review medical records from your provider(s).


Please print, sign and return the following documents:


Forms should be returned by:

  • Secure email:
  • Fax: 503.640.6277
  • Mail: INTERLINK Care Management, Inc.

4660 NE Belknap Court, Suite 209

Hillsboro OR 97124