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How to Maximize Your Plan Benefits

The CancerCARE Program provides access to highly-trained oncology specialists to help manage your cancer diagnosis and treatment.  By participating in the CancerCARE Program and following evidence-based care, you will be eligible to receive the highest level of benefits your plan offers. 


Please follow these steps to ensure you receive the maximum benefits offered by your plan:


  1.  Enroll in the CancerCARE Program
    • Call 877.640.9610 to register
    • Return signed forms


  1. Seek treatment follows NCCN Guidelines® or other evidence-based care
    • Inform your physician(s) of your CancerCARE benefit
  2. Communicate with CancerCARE
  3. Call for any changes to your diagnosis and/or treatment

Call with any questions, concerns or care needs.