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Program Overview

INTERLINK’s CancerCARE program was called the most comprehensive cancer management program ever offered, even before its launch. As an established Centers of Excellence based company, INTERLINK was uniquely positioned to create the CancerCOE Network, recognize the value of evidence-based care protocols and write CancerCARE benefit language. The CancerCARE program is comprised of evidence-based NCCN Clinical Guidelines®, management enabling benefit language and specialized triage protocols, all created under our Oversight Medical Board comprised of noted oncology specialists.

Once a cancer patient enters a treatment protocol, medically appropriate or not, there is little even the most experienced case managers can do but wait and watch. Most case management companies "encourage" or "advise" physicians to follow NCCN Clinical Guidelines®, but encouragement and advice often do not change behavior. INTERLINK believes that for cancer care to be managed effectively, it must start with benefit language incentives. Oddly, our polls indicate that less than 10% of all health plans have a section dedicated in their summary plan document to cancer care. As cancer care is a top three plan expenditure, it seems only logical to create and insert specialized language for its management.

INTERLINK drafted its CancerCARE benefit language using An Employers Guide to Cancer Treatment & Prevention, Tool 2: Plan Design & Assessment Tool created and published by The National Business Group on Health and NCCN®. This tool was copyrighted in 2011, and served perfectly as a template for our CancerCARE benefit language. INTERLINK worked with the leading benefit legal consultants to create our CancerCARE language, which must be included to access this program. We provide consultant/plan designer tools which identify provisions and provide guidance to professionals as they integrate our language into plan documents. It should come as no surprise that cancer is one of the fastest growing cost segments for health plans given that most plans provide no guidance or limits on this care.

Clinical Trial: Two of the most dreaded words in healthcare management and reinsurance. The reality is that all the most effective cancer treatments have passed through the clinical trial system. In 2014, the Affordable Care Act mandates that all clinical trials be covered, so why wait to manage the opportunities Clinical Trials have to offer? We believe that there is an additional cost benefit for this care, and we recommend health plans cover clinical trial care under CancerCARE guidance. Of course, the plan must notify their reinsurer of this additional benefit so they can adjust their premium as needed. Nearly all clinical trials are provided for children and costs an estimated .10 cents per member/month for plan coverage.

The CancerCARE program addresses all levels of cancers, from simple to the most complex. All members are required to contact the Triage Center upon diagnosis to meet their compliance requirement. Members will either receive complimentary information as they seek care in their community, have their diagnosis reaffirmed using the Pathology/ DiagnosticCOE network and/or receive guidance for care at a leading national center. This program is projected to become the largest cancer management program in the nation, so contact INTERLINK today.

For more information about the CancerCARE program call 877-640-9610