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Annually, health plan premiums have increased  7%-9% while the cost of cancer treatment of most plans has increased 20%.  Although health plans have no control over the frequency of cancer diagnosis’, they can control costs, and increase optimal member outcomes by improving the quality of treatment.  

COE programs believe that better outcomes and lower plan costs are the result of minimized complications and reoccurrence risk.    Our specialized Triage Center nurses dispense guidelines and provide consultative support as members choose providers and seek treatment.      

Roughly 80% of Summary of Plan Benefits (SPD) documents do not have a cancer subsection in the table of contents. How could a top plan expense remain so undefined?   INTERLINK is one of the few companies that has the relationships and expertise needed to operationalize the  NCCN®/National Business Group on Health “An Employer’s Guide to Cancer Treatment & Prevention,” Tool 2: Plan Design.

CancerCARE believes that inserting accurate cancer benefit language into the SPD is a critical first step.  CancerCARE requires the inclusion of this language and provides it at no cost.  Health plans and their consultants can learn more about the unique advantages of CancerCARE here.  Choose a section to learn more.